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How's NEM clothing made?

Escrito em 18 de abril de 2022

How's NEM clothing made?

In NEM, one of our main concerns is to ensure that each piece you order fits you perfectly and comes from the heart!


We work with a team of seamstresses that have been working in the industry for the last few decades. This ensures the quality of each and every piece we send to you.

Working with a team with such experience helps us in the creation of our collections, including details take make them both unique and easy to wear. That said, it is also a great responsibility to us, not only to ensure their art gets the proper recognition but also to ensure their work is recompensed correctly.


Each piece is made to order, so we don't build up an unnecessary amount of stock, and more importantly, so that each one of them is made with love and care specially for you.

This system allows us to work with you, that is, we are able to incorporate small changes and adjustments such as hems or the length of a top, so that when you receive it at home, the fit is perfect and unique to you!