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OUR PACKAGING - all details matter!

Escrito em 18 de abril de 2022

From beginning to end, our concern with sustainability is visible in all the details.


We thought about all the details, as to only include the necessary elements to ensure that our pieces are protected, include all the necessary information and get to you just as they left us - perfect:

  • the inside labels are made from recycled polyester;
  • the outside tags are made from seed paper and FSE recycled paper;
  • inside each box the pieces are warped around a thin layer of tissue paper that's also FSE certified;
  • we include a small thank you card made from seed paper - once planted you'll get beautiful daisies;
  • each delivery box is made from recycled cardboard which is printed using eco-friendly paint. The CO2 emissions from each delivery are also compensated trough the support of different projects;
  • finally the security tags are also made from FSE recycled paper.