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What's the meaning of our clothing names?

Escrito em 18 de abril de 2022

In NEM every detail matters, and choosing the name of each piece was no different. We wanted to tell you a brief story about the women that inspire us each day, hoping they will do the same for you :)

Want to find out more? Keep reading below...


AMÁLIA DRESS – Amália de Piedade Rebordão Rodrigues (1920 – 1999)

Known as the Queen of Fado, and one of the greatest voices of the XX century, she was key in sharing fado internationally and so promoting Portugal. Aside from singing she was also an actress in movies like Capas Negras. Travelled the world touring and receiving awards for her amazing talent.

Her final honour is resting in Panteao Nacional together with some of the most known individuals in Portugal.


 MALALA SHIRT – Malala Yousafzai (1997)

Young Pakistani activist known for fighting for girl’s right to education, which almost costed her life in an assassination attempt in 2012 by the Taliban. From then on her cause took on and international proportion sharing awareness to the problem. By 2014 she was one of the youngest persons ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize. To this day she keeps her activist work.


MARIA DRESS - Maria Helena Vieira da Silva (1908 – 1992)

One of Portugal’s finest painters, she mostly lived abroad due to political reasons. She described her work as the physical representation of things that do not exist, giving her body of work an unique touch.

ISABEL DRESS - Isabel Rilvas (1935)

A lady of the sky’s, she is a woman of firsts. Determination and courage describe her and her achievements, of which we point out the creation of the Portuguese Paratroop Nurses.


TOP ADELAIDE - Adelaide Cabete (1867 - 1935) 

Dedicated her life to fighting for women and children’s rights, promoting the creation of women protection laws, such as maternity leave. Became a gynaecologist at 33 and dedicated more than 20 years to the presidency of the CNMP (Conselho Nacional das Mulheres Portugesas).

FLORBELA SET (Shorts and Pants) - Florbela Espanca (1894 - 1930)
Well known for her sonnets, she is a very acclaimed writer both in Portugal and around the world, especially for poetry fans. Dying at the young age of 36, but leaving behind her extensive body of work, keeping her memory alive to this day.



ANTÓNIA JUMPSUIT - Antónia Ferreira "Ferreirinha" (1811 - 1897)

An extraordinary business woman, thriving in a male dominated world, known for her vision and her compassion towards the ones in need. Restructured the family business, while simultaneously shedding a new light on Portuguese Wines special Oporto Wine. It’s her business savviness that creates de famous ”Barca Velha” and the know Ferrerinha brand.
(we will update this piece as more piece join our FAM)